About Me


Name: Sarah Bailey
Occupation: Mac IT Support. Not-a-mom.
Interests: Paper piecing, sewing bags and clothing, quilting only if I ever have to do each block once.

Basically here’s the thing: I like to make stuff. Sometimes it’s good to sell, sometimes it’s not. I couldn’t find a site name I really liked that was actually available to purchase, so I decided on “Sew What, Sherlock?” in an effort to express my typical thought process in a day: what should I sew next? Is it good enough to sell? Do I care? Will others care? Do I care if they care? Meh.

No kids, two cats. My day job is supporting Macs at a small private university. I’m also a WordPress developer.

And my kitty Luna. <3

And my kitty Luna. <3

I only sew things that aren’t repetitive and I mostly work on paper piecing. There’s something cathartic about the accuracy and precision.

So ya. That’s me in a nutshell.