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New Paper Pieced Pattern: Flying Geese Expansion

I originally designed this pattern to go along with the triangles for arrows expansion pack, and it IS good for that, but it’s good for so many other things I decided not to limit its description as just going with the arrows. You can stick these little blocks together to make straight lines of tiny […]

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Conversion Project: Apple Pie Block (free pattern!)

So yesterday I saw this spectacular Apple Pie block by @heyporkchop and I knew I must have it. After a little conversation, googling, and otherwise exploring I’ve found this to be a traditional pattern, but I don’t have any info on the background of it. I’ve ordered Block Base (!!) so hopefully I’ll have more […]

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Conversion Project: X Plus FREE PATTERN

The X Plus block made its rounds last year. I really liked the quilts I saw but never got around to making any blocks. I finally sat down with Badskirt’s tutorial earlier this week, looked at the instructions, and promptly said huh uh. No way. Not happening. I have a couple of issues here: first, […]

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