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Take Apart a Hard Drive for Craft Parts

Some of you might have seen my bag here on the Lemon Squeezy Home Purse Week 2012 contest last year. I used hard drive parts for the little button and the metal rings that attach the strap to the bag. So today I’m going to show you how to salvage those parts from old hard […]

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Modified Easy Starch Applique

OK. So let me just say first, I originally was going to show a method to do applique with fusible interfacing, but after several less than stellar attempts yesterday I decided to try a different method. I will add that the interfacing method does work really really well on rounded easier shapes, but because I’m […]

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Make your own sew-in labels

Finally, I’m writing up the tutorial for MY way of making sew-in labels on ribbon. I’ve seen a few tutes on this but they usually use twill tape, and I found this really great chevron ribbon on Etsy that I just HAD to use, but it’s bumpy, so the ‘usual’ methods weren’t working for me. […]

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