Free Triangles for Arrows Expansion Pack Now in Shop

Hey y’all. I’d like to think that people really want this, but actually no one’s asked me for it, so why not give it out anyway :p I loved making this triangle section for my low volume arrow quilt, so figured I’d share the template for it, because I’m nice like that. I’m pretty sure I sat and stared at my design wall infatuated with this block for about 30 minutes. Then I had to pack it up and mail it off. *pout*

Basically the triangles are 8″ x 20″, so you need to combine two triangle sections with two arrow sections in order to make a full 20″ block.

DSC01480 (1)


DSC01477 (1)



Download the free pattern from the shop

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  1. Stephanie May 11, 2014 at 10:58 am #

    Just “found” you! Love what you’ve done with the triangles, low volume, arrows and thank you so much for the free patterns. Can’t believe no one else has commented yet on these! Perhaps people are afraid of paper piecing but, really, it’s a great method for the blocks you’ve chosen to convert. And, thanks also for the techy info. I desperately need that info so I read all the way through! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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